Thank you for your interest in The Hero’s Journey Workshop for Teens. The response was overwhelming, and the class is now full. If the first session goes well, I plan to host two more sessions later in the summer, one for adults and another for teens.

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The Hero’s Journey Workshop for Teens is a four-week program that will show teens how to harness Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey framework to inform their writing and boost their understanding of films and literature. We’ll be analyzing Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as a keyhole into the motifs and archetypes of the Hero’s Journey.


  • Tuition Free
  • Classes held via private Zoom meeting
  • Thursdays at 3PM PT for four weeks, starting 6/18/20
  • Each class approximately 45 minutes each
  • Please click the button below and fill out the application
  • When all applications are complete, you will receive an email with your registration status
  • Application does not guarantee a spot in class
  • Make sure to watch (or re-watch) Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope before the first class!


Space is limited; application does not guarantee a spot in class.

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