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5 Tips for Turning Your Teen Turmoil Into a Novel

HarperCollins Canada asked me to write a post  for their official YA Blog, HCC Frenzy. Here’s a short except, followed by a link where you can read the whole article. There’s no way around it: high school hurts. The good news? Pain is precious to writers. It motivates us, inspires us, fuels...

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Symptoms of Being Human Blog Tour


I’m excited to announce the official Symptoms of Being Human Blog Tour! There will be some fun interviews (read: oversharing), a few guest posts written by me, and even an excerpt from the novel. Huge thanks to the 20+ book bloggers who made this possible, and who contribute to the lives of...

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You Googled My Tweetface

NAVIGATING THE SOCIAL MEDIA MAZE I don’t claim mavenhood—but before becoming a novelist, I did manage marketing and social media for my band as well as another small business. So, from the perspective of a content-generator (someone who makes stuff to put up on the internet) I have some knowledge...

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The Ceiling is the Floor

“Ah, music… A magic far beyond all we do here!” – Albus Dumbledore “Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Marilyn Manson The Magician’s Assistant I was raised by a banker and a magician. I’m completely serious. I was the comic foil in Dad’s...

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