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dreams do not break

dreams do not die but they do know revenge growing in spite when left unattended wild like the weeds that crack the cold concrete deep like the roots that buckle the street dreams do not fade but absorb every hue making waking a pale, monochrome doom blanching blue sky to pasty beige stucco burning red just inside of the eyes dreams do not kill but the dreamer can die crushed by the weight of the what ifs and whys buried beneath common sense points of view dreams do not break the dreamers do

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Jeff Garvin

Author of SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN. Vegan, Gryffindor, aspiring revolutionary.

Comments (3)

  • ElectroFox


    Word. Xxxo 🙂


  • jeffsdeepthoughts


    Total chanelling of Langston Hughes. Well done.


  • Daniel Zarzana


    Whoa. Beautiful poem with a fantastic final two lines.


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