Unshaven Because Novel

Messy Desk by web_meister on deviantART

Messy Desk by web_meister on deviantART

I am a man of discipline. I rise at 4AM on weekdays to give my best hours to writing. But, when I’m working on a novel, all my other disciplines evaporate. My exercise regimen devolves into six minutes (okay three minutes) of yoga while my coffee brews. My standard for healthy food drops to the level of vegan frozen burritos. I shave only when I’m forced to leave the house and fear being photographed. Even my cats resort to lap-sitting in the hopes that my hands might accidentally brush their matted, unbrushed fur as I reach for the keyboard. My dog goes unwalked, the dishes go unwashed, and my blog sits neglected. Meanwhile, my manuscript teems with well-groomed, complex characters whose lives are falling apart in much more satisfying ways. Once upon a time, I thought the journey of being an artist would be fraught with adventure, existential dilemma, and romance. Turns out I was right. I just didn’t anticipate the side effects. So, dear readers, I thank you for your patience. I beg your indulgence for just a few more weeks–after that, I promise to return from my adventures with a tale or two worth telling. –Jeff

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Jeff Garvin

Author of SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN. Vegan, Gryffindor, aspiring revolutionary.

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  • Liz


    Ah, the life of a creative person. There are days when Little Monkey winds up watching TV for hours, or we have to scrounge the fridge for dinner, or the housecleaning goes undone because I’ve gotten caught up in a project.

    I look forward to reading this novel that has consumed your life!


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