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Tag: high school

star wars catcher

Star Wars vs. Catcher in the Rye

LAST WEEKEND, IN AN ATTEMPT to get organized, I bought a file cabinet and went through all the boxes in my garage. Instead of becoming organized, however, I spent Saturday assembling the most complex piece of Ikea furniture known to man, and them I spent Sunday reading through all the writing stuff...

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Jeff with Rope Mic

How and Why I Started Writing

HOW I scrawled my first lyric—a future hit entitled “Dart Heart”—into my Hello Kitty Diary at age eight-and-a-half. There were photos of me at a younger age that foretold my becoming a musician (see above), but I think “Dart Hart” was the first evidence that I might end up a writer. At eight-and-a-half,...

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Mercy Killing

One summer during high school I took a job that required me to trap rats. The bank my mom worked for hired my sister, my best friend Dan, and me to clean up one of their foreclosure properties before they put it up for sale. The house was enormous and tacky, a sort of Floridian nightmare with semi-gloss...

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