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On Being Afraid in the Bathroom

The impetus to write Symptoms of Being Human came in late 2013. I was in a car with some friends and acquaintances when the driver–let’s call her Jane–brought up a court case pending in my county. A transgender student was suing the school district for the right to use the restroom/locker...

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5 Tips for Turning Your Teen Turmoil Into a Novel

HarperCollins Canada asked me to write a post  for their official YA Blog, HCC Frenzy. Here’s a short except, followed by a link where you can read the whole article. There’s no way around it: high school hurts. The good news? Pain is precious to writers. It motivates us, inspires us, fuels...

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Music was an essential part of my teenage experience. When I liked somebody, I made them a mix tape of songs that would [hopefully] make my feelings obvious so I didn’t have to admit them. When someone broke my heart, I made a mix tape of breakup songs. When I graduated, I made a mix tape of...

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Writing in New York

I RARELY INDULGE in travelogue-style posts, but I’m compelled to share with you my crazy July in New York. I originally planned to stay for only eight days, but a new project came up which kept me in Manhattan for three weeks. It was part vacation, part public relations, part writing retreat.  ...

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