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Music was an essential part of my teenage experience. When I liked somebody, I made them a mix tape of songs that would [hopefully] make my feelings obvious so I didn’t have to admit them. When someone broke my heart, I made a mix tape of breakup songs. When I graduated, I made a mix tape of songs about freedom and escape. Life pretty much revolved around mix tapes. But in 2016, we have the internet–so now I can make you, my beloved reader, the mix tape Riley would have made you if they could. Here are all the songs mentioned or alluded to in Symptoms of Being Human. If I missed one, please leave a comment below and I’ll add it posthaste!

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Jeff Garvin

Author of SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN and THE LIGHTNESS OF HANDS. Cohost of THE HERO'S JOURNEY podcast. Rock musician, D&D geek, aspiring revolutionary.

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