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5 Tips for Turning Your Teen Turmoil Into a Novel

HarperCollins Canada asked me to write a post  for their official YA Blog, HCC Frenzy. Here’s a short except, followed by a link where you can read the whole article. There’s no way around it: high school hurts. The good news? Pain is precious to writers. It motivates us, inspires us, fuels...

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Music was an essential part of my teenage experience. When I liked somebody, I made them a mix tape of songs that would [hopefully] make my feelings obvious so I didn’t have to admit them. When someone broke my heart, I made a mix tape of breakup songs. When I graduated, I made a mix tape of...

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Creativity on the Daily

Creativity On The Daily

HOW DO A WRITER, a father/database programmer, a web designer, a payroll ops manager, and an actor/marketing consultant fit creativity into their daily lives? My friend, actor/producer Curtis Andersen, invited me to be on his web panel, Creativity on the Daily, about how full-time artists and hobbyists...

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Spoon Bending

On Doubt, Fear, and Being a Professional Artist

ON GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS During a writing day, I inevitably hit a point of diminishing returns. A point where any work I do will likely have to be redone the next day–because I’m too mentally, spiritually, or intellectually tired to continue doing good work. Usually it happens around 3PM–but...

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Once upon a time, I was a geek: a Firefly-watching, comic book-reading, d12-wielding geek. And then, something happened. Wait—let’s flash forward. FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES I have this group of amazing friends. Every time I’ve scored a walk-on part on a sitcom, they’ve come to watch. Whenever...

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Who You Are

Image: “Lost” by AikaXx from deviantART   WHO YOU ARE You’re not a fraud. You’re not a fake. You’re who you say you are. You’re too dynamic for labels, too mobile for coordinates. You’re a shooting star, an ephemeral isotope, a thing that was, and shall be, but never quite is. You...

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