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On Being Afraid in the Bathroom

The impetus to write Symptoms of Being Human came in late 2013. I was in a car with some friends and acquaintances when the driver–let’s call her Jane–brought up a court case pending in my county. A transgender student was suing the school district for the right to use the restroom/locker...

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In this video, I join my good friend since Junior High, TV’s Curtis Andersen, as we dive into our actual journals we actually wrote while we were actually in high school. It’s deep. It’s embarrassing. It’s probably worth watching.

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Writing in New York

I RARELY INDULGE in travelogue-style posts, but I’m compelled to share with you my crazy July in New York. I originally planned to stay for only eight days, but a new project came up which kept me in Manhattan for three weeks. It was part vacation, part public relations, part writing retreat.  ...

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Moderation is for Monks

“Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.” –Robert Heinlein, TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE I read TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE when I was about 12 years old; which is, arguably, far too early to read such a book. But I was young and innocent and my parents...

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