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New Author Photo

In my checkered past as an actor/musician, I’ve posed for dozens of photos. In the past, I’ve enjoyed it. I have an extrovert streak–but it seems to grow thinner and fainter as I mature. And when my editor told me it was time to submit an author photo, I may have panicked a tiny little bit. I mean, it’s one thing to put a band photo up on MySpace, or print a few hundred lithos of a headshot (I may be carbon dating myself here), but to choose the picture that will be printed on thousands of books and distributed all over the world? That was a new feeling. An exciting, but slightly terrifying feeling. So I called in my good musician friend and visual design genius, Zander, and asked him to make that image. I’m grateful to be surrounded by such talented people. Thanks, Z.

Jeff Garvin
Photo by Zander Vera


Jeff Garvin

Author of SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN and THE LIGHTNESS OF HANDS. Cohost of THE HERO'S JOURNEY podcast. Rock musician, D&D geek, aspiring revolutionary.

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