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My First Writing. Ever.

I know, I know. I had a Hello Kitty diary. The past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me as I’ve grappled with the emotional chaos of selling a book, adjusted to my new schedule, and begun to tackle the process of revising my debut novel. I took some advice from a friend and set...

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Book by Fortuna on DeviantART

HarperCollins To Publish My Debut Novel

Book by Fortuna on DeviantART AFTER THREE WEEKS OF SITTING on this news, I have gnawed my fingernails to the quick and chewed through most of the pen caps in the house. Yesterday, I even caught myself staring longingly at my dog’s rawhide bone. (Luckily, I remembered it wasn’t vegan.) But now I can...

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Feline Editor

Discover, Compose, Revise

  I am a huge fan of reading about writing. I pore over writer’s blogs, read books about writing, even scan twitter for #amwriting tweets–so, when a friend challenged me to write a post about my own process, I accepted enthusiastically. I write six days a week. On weekdays, I write first...

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Moderation is for Monks

“Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.” –Robert Heinlein, TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE I read TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE when I was about 12 years old; which is, arguably, far too early to read such a book. But I was young and innocent and my parents...

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Unshaven Because Novel

Messy Desk by web_meister on deviantART I am a man of discipline. I rise at 4AM on weekdays to give my best hours to writing. But, when I’m working on a novel, all my other disciplines evaporate. My exercise regimen devolves into six minutes (okay three minutes) of yoga while my coffee brews. My...

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