Under Pressure I’m only two chapters away from finishing the second draft of my novel. It’s an exciting (and stressful) time, and my laser-focus on the book has drawn attention away from this blog; but, I’ve been digging in the archives, and I’ve found some unreleased work worthy of sharing. I hope...

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Already Home (Demo)

Sometimes when I set my iPhone to shuffle, old songwriting demos come up. Usually I skip them–but when this one came up during my morning drive, I was compelled to listen. Musicians often relate touring to going to war: the squalid living conditions, the long absence from loved ones, the constant...

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Lotte Kestner in LA

Lotte Kestner: Live In Some Dude’s Living Room

Sad music heals. Teenagers’ bodies grow impossibly fast and, as a result, they are constantly vacillating between states of damage and repair, not unlike muscles after a workout. Imagine what’s happening to their souls. My body may have stopped growing, but my soul is still that tormented teenager,...

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Christmas Is Wherever You Are

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0d4nfpUX7w] In the fall of 2009, my band 7k toured the United States. We left mid-September and didn’t return until Thanksgiving. During those eight weeks, my experience of myself and my life changed. I watched the sun rise over a corn field in Northern...

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RPL’s Top 10 Songs for the Apocalypse

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Maybe the Mayan apocalypse is a joke. Maybe it really is just another Y2K, and we have nothing to fear. But, just in case, I’ve carefully selected ten songs to help you mourn (or celebrate) the end of the world. And, by request of my good friend and fellow blogger Dean, this week, the Rock...

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