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Symptoms of Being Human Blog Tour


I’m excited to announce the official Symptoms of Being Human Blog Tour! There will be some fun interviews (read: oversharing), a few guest posts written by me, and even an excerpt from the novel. Huge thanks to the 20+ book bloggers who made this possible, and who contribute to the lives of...

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summer reads

Summer Reads 2015

MOST OF THE CONTENT I SHARE on this blog relates to writing and the creative process. But today, when I stumbled upon this month’s #SixteensBlogAbout* topic, I discovered that I have drastically underemphasized one of the most important parts of my writing life: READING. This month’s topic is “Summer...

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Top 10 Books

The Top Ten Books That Influenced Me Most

My good friend John G. tagged me in Facebook post challenging me to share the ten books that have influenced me most. I’ve listed mine not in my traditional “Top 10” format, but in the order in which I read them. The list is a mixture of children’s and adult fiction, and some non-fiction, too. Please...

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Lissa Price Starters Jeff Garvin The Last Guitar Author YA Books

Meeting Lissa Price

So far, my favorite part of being a new author is the inspiring, creative community I’ve joined. Case in point: the gracious and talented Lissa Price. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Price at Thrillerfest in New York this past July. She was such a blast to hang out with that I picked up her book, Starters,...

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