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Tom Phelan


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I am elated to finally reveal that Tom Phelan has been cast as the narrator for the audiobook version of Symptoms of Being Human. Tom is probably best known for playing Cole, a transgender teen, on ABC’s The Fosters. He’s currently starring in Hir on Broadway and just finished recording...

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summer reads

Summer Reads 2015

MOST OF THE CONTENT I SHARE on this blog relates to writing and the creative process. But today, when I stumbled upon this month’s #SixteensBlogAbout* topic, I discovered that I have drastically underemphasized one of the most important parts of my writing life: READING. This month’s topic is “Summer...

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winger by andrew smith


Sometimes a great book sneaks up on you, humbly disguised as a merely good book. Here’s an example from the movies: I liked The Sixth Sense quite a lot, right from the start–but [SPOILER ALERT] when it turned out that Bruce Willis’s character had been dead the whole time–I loved it instantly....

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  Firecracker by David Iserson My rating: 4 of 5 stars I can’t remember the last time I read a novel in a single day–but this morning, after calling in sick to work, I sat down to read Firecracker, and it got me through the whole day. It’s funny, fast, and satisfying. And,...

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