News: Jeff Returns to the Screen

Yesterday, I took a break from novel-writing to return to an old love: acting. I ended my 7-year hiatus on the set of In The Mind’s Eye, a British psychological thriller starring Craig Rees, in which I play a well-intentioned South London street punk who attempts to aid the damsel in distress, only to find himself in for a nasty surprise. At least, that’s how my character would have pitched it. I’m probably good for at least 90 seconds of screen time before the, er, nasty surprise, but the cast and crew were so much fun that the late nights and mouthfuls of minty fake blood were a small price to pay for a few days away from my book. I’ve got one more scene to shoot before I’m wrapped, but it’s nice to have a new ping up on the ol’ IMDb page.

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Jeff Garvin

Author of SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN. Vegan, Gryffindor, aspiring revolutionary.

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  • ElectroFox


    Rad!! Xxxo 🙂


  • On The Set Again | Rock Paper Life


    […] had the pleasure of wrapping In The Mind’s Eye last weekend. (For more on the shoot, see this post.) I can’t speak highly enough of the cast and crew. Producer/stars Sava Markovic and Craig […]


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