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I’m thrilled to participate in this season’s YA Scavenger Hunt. In case you’re unfamiliar with YASH, it’s a 72-hour internet scavenger hunt that promises a lot of fun and a chance to win SCORES AND SCORES of signed books.  This bi-annual event was first organized by author Colleen...

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5 Tips for Turning Your Teen Turmoil Into a Novel

HarperCollins Canada asked me to write a post  for their official YA Blog, HCC Frenzy. Here’s a short except, followed by a link where you can read the whole article. There’s no way around it: high school hurts. The good news? Pain is precious to writers. It motivates us, inspires us, fuels...

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It’s hard to believe that less than two years after I typed the first page of Symptoms of Being Human, its publication in hardback is just one month away. It’s been a challenging, thrilling journey, and the book isn’t even out yet! To celebrate the impending release of my debut, I’m going to share...

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How Spell Check Tried To Sabotage My Novel

Spell Check (c) 2011 Michael Mandiberg On Sunday night, I was almost ready to turn in the second draft of my debut novel, SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN. While I was rewriting, I kept thinking of how I might share the process with you, my dear reader. I have always enjoyed the commentary tracks and blooper...

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How To Break Through Writer’s Block

Why Me? What qualifies me, a not-yet-published novelist and (frequently negligent) blogger, to give you advice on how to break through writer’s block? I’m no newbie to creativity. I earned a BFA in Film Production and won the Chapman University Visual Storytelling Award. I’ve written over a hundred...

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