Music was an essential part of my teenage experience. When I liked somebody, I made them a mix tape of songs that would [hopefully] make my feelings obvious so I didn’t have to admit them. When someone broke my heart, I made a mix tape of breakup songs. When I graduated, I made a mix tape of...

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Symptoms of Being Human Blog Tour


I’m excited to announce the official Symptoms of Being Human Blog Tour! There will be some fun interviews (read: oversharing), a few guest posts written by me, and even an excerpt from the novel. Huge thanks to the 20+ book bloggers who made this possible, and who contribute to the lives of...

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Symptoms Swag

SYMPTOMS Giveaways + Launch Event Invite

I can hardly believe that Symptoms of Being Human will be on bookstore shelves in just one week! As the countdown marches on, here are some exciting ways you can participate: Attend the Symptoms of Being Human Launch Event You’re invited to the launch event on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, 7:00 PM at...

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