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Symptoms Bookmark


Now through the launch date (2/2/16): When you pre-order Symptoms of Being Human, send me a screenshot of your receipt and I’ll send you a sturdy, full-color Symptoms bookmark PLUS a signed bookplate…and maybe some other swag too. Send...

Writing in New York

I RARELY INDULGE in travelogue-style posts, but I’m compelled to share with you my crazy July in New York. I originally planned to stay for only eight days, but a new project came up which kept me in Manhattan for three weeks. It was part...

Demystifying Gender Identity

I SAT DOWN TO WORK this morning and found myself unable to concentrate. I’ve been so surprised by some of the negative reactions to Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover that I was compelled to write this.

It seems a lot of us are confused about what’s going on in the media with regard to transgender people. For some of us who grew up in conservative environments, this whole idea feels new and foreign—but that doesn’t mean we can’t develop understanding and begin to exercise compassion in the way we deal with this subject. As a writer, I’ve done hours, even weeks of research on the subject, and I’m going to try to demystify it here—to answer some of the questions readers might not know they have about gender identity. I’ll try to keep it brief. Thanks for reading.


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