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My friend Curtis once said, “I’m not rich, but I have rich tastes.” That’s how I feel about good visual design. I can’t do it—but I know it when I see it. [Samuel L. Jackson voice]: Example. I designed the CD cover for my band’s first full-length album, Through The Windshield (below...

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Summer Reads 2015

MOST OF THE CONTENT I SHARE on this blog relates to writing and the creative process. But today, when I stumbled upon this month’s #SixteensBlogAbout* topic, I discovered that I have drastically underemphasized one of the most important parts of my writing life: READING. This month’s topic is “Summer...

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Demystifying Gender Identity

I SAT DOWN TO WORK this morning and found myself unable to concentrate. I’ve been so surprised by some of the negative reactions to Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover that I was compelled to write this. It seems a lot of us are confused about what’s going on in the media with regard to transgender...

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star wars catcher

Star Wars vs. Catcher in the Rye

LAST WEEKEND, IN AN ATTEMPT to get organized, I bought a file cabinet and went through all the boxes in my garage. Instead of becoming organized, however, I spent Saturday assembling the most complex piece of Ikea furniture known to man, and them I spent Sunday reading through all the writing stuff...

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Jeff with Rope Mic

How and Why I Started Writing

HOW I scrawled my first lyric—a future hit entitled “Dart Heart”—into my Hello Kitty Diary at age eight-and-a-half. There were photos of me at a younger age that foretold my becoming a musician (see above), but I think “Dart Hart” was the first evidence that I might end up a writer. At eight-and-a-half,...

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