New Author Photo

In my checkered past as an actor/musician, I’ve posed for dozens of photos. In the past, I’ve enjoyed it. I have an extrovert streak–but it seems to grow thinner and fainter as I mature. And when my editor told me it was time to submit an author photo, I may have panicked a tiny...

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Spoon Bending

On Doubt, Fear, and Being a Professional Artist

ON GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS During a writing day, I inevitably hit a point of diminishing returns. A point where any work I do will likely have to be redone the next day–because I’m too mentally, spiritually, or intellectually tired to continue doing good work. Usually it happens around 3PM–but...

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Mountain Trail by Burtn

My Path to Publishing

First Draft to First Pitch In this post, I share my journey from deciding to become a professional writer to the publishing of my debut novel, SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN. THE FIRST FIRST DRAFT When my rock band dissolved in January 2011, I realized it was time to reinvent myself. After reviewing my...

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